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Welcome to my photo gallery. Most of my work is from trips I have taken to the scenic areas of our country. I started out using Film SLR cameras, mostly Canon EOS ELAN 7E. Then switched almost entirely to digital within the last year and a half. My digital equipment includes a Minolta DiMage 7 and a CANON 10D DSLR. The DiMage7 is a fixed lens 28-200mm SLR "type" camera. It has an electronic viewfinder, so it is not a true SLR. The 10D on the other hand is a true SLR. All of my existing lenses that fit on the ELAN 7E fit on the 10D.

To view my galleries, hover the mouse over the buttons on the left and click on the menu entries that pop up. Thanks for visiting.

Ken Kluever